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3 Reasons Why Doing Your Own Semi-Truck Repairs Probably Isn't A Good Idea

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If you’re hoping to cut costs and increase your profits as an owner-operator, you could be thinking about doing some or all of the repair work on your own semi-truck. On the surface, this can seem like a good idea. However, semi-truck repairs should generally be left for professional diesel mechanics. These are a few reasons why handling these repairs on your own probably isn’t a good idea. 1. You Might Miss Certain Problems with Your Truck Read More»

Make Sure You Have The Right Lights For Your Tow Truck

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If you are going to have a tow truck, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to make sure that your truck is as obvious as possible when you are out and working. That keeps you safe, as well as the public in general. One way to do that is to make sure that you have plenty of lights on your truck. The lights will make sure that everyone sees you and can adjust so that they avoid you. Read More»

Worried About Your Compact Car's Performance? Top 5 Improvements You Should Make

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With gas prices sky-rocketing, buying a compact car makes sense for many drivers. There are many different models to choose from, which most have 4-cylinder engines. Stock cars often underperform, but a few upgrades and improvements will give them sports car quality performance. Here are five improvements you should make to your 4-cylinder engine to improve performance without affecting gas mileage.  1. Headers and Larger Exhaust to Add Horsepower Read More»

Four Tips For Pursuing A Career As A Trucker

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Driving a truck, whether over-the-road or local, is a career that offers good pay, independence, and a chance to see parts of the country you might otherwise miss. But this career has its drawbacks as well – long hours, time away from family and friends, and tight time restrictions that can become stressful. It’s not a job that just anyone can take on and turn into a successful career, but for the right individual, it can be a dream come true. Read More»

Fleet Managers: Four Tips On Improving Fuel Efficiency On The Trucks In Your Fleet

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If you are paying to fill up one truck, you may be slightly worried about fuel economy, but if you take care of a fleet of vehicles, you need to be especially worried about fuel economy. Even shaving a few dollars off each tank fill-up can translate to massive savings throughout the year. Want your fleet to consist of large impressive trucks without the giant gas bill? Take a look at these fuel efficiency tips: Read More»

What To Check When Checking Out A Used Engine?

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Finding out your car needs a new engine can be a painful experience, especially in the financial sense. That’s what makes used engines from used auto parts mechanics such an attractive buy for many car owners. However, there are plenty of pitfalls to be avoided when it comes to purchasing a used engine from a salvage yard or even a trusted rebuilder. The following offers plenty of important tips that’ll help you find the best used engine available and avoid some the more common traps that could prove painfully expensive. Read More»