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Worried About Your Compact Car's Performance? Top 5 Improvements You Should Make

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With gas prices sky-rocketing, buying a compact car makes sense for many drivers. There are many different models to choose from, which most have 4-cylinder engines. Stock cars often underperform, but a few upgrades and improvements will give them sports car quality performance. Here are five improvements you should make to your 4-cylinder engine to improve performance without affecting gas mileage. 

1. Headers and Larger Exhaust to Add Horsepower

Stock engines have exhaust manifolds unless they were a special model with a sports package and headers. Bother exhaust manifolds and headers take the exhaust fumes from the engine and distribute it out of your car's exhaust system. Installing headers on a 4-cylinder engine is a great way to improve performance and add horse power. Headers allow exhaust to escape more efficiently than manifolds, improving exhaust-flow, and ultimately engine performance.

2. Simple Air Intake Upgrades That Drastically Improve Performance

Upgrades to your exhaust will have little impact if you still have the same air intake. Adding an air intake is a simple project that almost anyone will be able to do on a Sunday afternoon. Installing an aftermarket air intake will improve airflow and combustion in the engine; giving your car more power and better performance.

3. Modern Tuning Chip That Optimizes Engine Performance

All modern cars have computers, fuel injection, sensors and technology that control different mechanical aspects and engine performance. In addition, all modern cars also have OBD diagnostics plugs, which is where tuning chips are plugged in to adjust different aspects of engine performance. Adding a tuning chip will allow you to easily optimize engine performance, as well as give you access to raw data about tuning. Tuning chips not only help improve engine performance, but can also be used to improve fuel consumption.

4. Better Performance and Handling with Lighter Rims and Good Tires

The wheels of your car also have a major impact on performance. If you have stock rims, replace them with lighter aftermarket rooms to reduce the weight of your car. In addition, invest in performance tires to improve gas mileage and handling. Regularly check tire pressure to reap the benefits of upgrading the wheels on your car.

5. High Performance Distributor and Spark Plug Wires for Better Engine Firing

The distributor, spark plugs and wires can also affect your car's performance. Upgrade the distributor and spark plug wires with aftermarket parts. In addition to replacing the wires, invest in heat shields to protect the spark plug wires from the hot engine block, which can cause problems with timing when wires get damaged.

With all the technology and aftermarket upgrades available, there is no reason for your 4-cylinder compact to underperform. Contact a car dealership like Wills Toyota to find the right compact car for your next project.