3-Step Guide For Filling In And Hiding Small Cracks In Your Car’s Windshield

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If you have small cracks in your car’s windshield, you may decide to fill them in so they do not grow larger. However, you may also want to hide them to improve your vehicle’s appearance. If so, use the following three-step guide for filling in and camouflaging your windshield’s small cracks. Step 1:  Test The Depth Of The Cracks The first step involves testing the depth of the cracks in your windshield. Knowing the depth will dictate how you go about repairing the glass. It also determines whether the damage has...

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Four Tips For Pursuing A Career As A Trucker

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Driving a truck, whether over-the-road or local, is a career that offers good pay, independence, and a chance to see parts of the country you might otherwise miss. But this career has its drawbacks as well — long hours, time away from family and friends, and tight time restrictions that can become stressful. It’s not a job that just anyone can take on and turn into a successful career, but for the right individual, it can be a dream come true. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a professional truck driver, there are...

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Fleet Managers: Four Tips On Improving Fuel Efficiency On The Trucks In Your Fleet

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If you are paying to fill up one truck, you may be slightly worried about fuel economy, but if you take care of a fleet of vehicles, you need to be especially worried about fuel economy. Even shaving a few dollars off each tank fill-up can translate to massive savings throughout the year. Want your fleet to consist of large impressive trucks without the giant gas bill? Take a look at these fuel efficiency tips: 1. Look for trucks with lightweight bodies The heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it needs to move. Luckily, manufacturers have...

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