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3-Step Guide For Filling In And Hiding Small Cracks In Your Car's Windshield

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If you have small cracks in your car’s windshield, you may decide to fill them in so they do not grow larger. However, you may also want to hide them to improve your vehicle’s appearance. If so, use the following three-step guide for filling in and camouflaging your windshield’s small cracks. Step 1:  Test The Depth Of The Cracks The first step involves testing the depth of the cracks in your windshield. Read More»

An In-Depth Guide On Changing Your Diesel Fuel Filter

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You’d be surprised at what you’d find in a gallon of diesel fuel. While gasoline has its fair share of contaminants, diesel fuel is often chock-full of microorganisms, solidified wax, sediment and other contaminants. With today’s high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems, you can’t afford to have these particles damaging or even destroying injectors. For this reason, changing your diesel fuel filter on a regular basis is a crucial maintenance task. Read More»